Assessment services includes a wide range of services including telephonic and face to face, in home assessments to assess risk level and program eligibility. This service ensures members receive the right services through the right programs. 

The following is a list of assessments currently offered, and are fully customizable:

  • Functional needs assessment
  • Clinical health assessment
  • Environmental assessment
  • Social needs assessment
  • Caregiver assessment
  • Dementia/cognitive screening
  • Depression screening
  • Financial status assessment
  • Review of medical record
  • Nutritional screening
  • Review of medications and compliance with medication regime
  • Long term education and care decision support
  • Member education on a variety of topics

These assessments are provided using standardized tools. Direction Home also provides customized assessments. Assessments include contact with health care provider to verify diagnostic information, reporting assessment results, and participation in care team meetings as needed.